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digitalmars.D.announce - Back to work...

I'm back home from my trip for DConf + vacation.

DConf was a blast. It was great to hang out in person again with 
faces familiar and new. I'm already looking forward to meeting up 
with everyone again next year. The vacation bit was a lot of fun, 

Because I've done very little work over the past three weeks, 
I've got a mountain of tasks to get through over the next several 
weeks and months. A few of the higher priority things:

* DConf Online ramp up
* DConf wrap-up, including some admin stuff and editing & 
publishing the individual videos
* SAOC ramp up ([the application 
deadline](https://dlang.org/blog/symmetry-autumn-of-code/) is 
August 21, by the way)
* Two meetings to summarize (July & August)
* New videos to create for the YouTube channel
* DIPs to get moving through review
* Blog posts to write

Prepping those DConf videos will consume most of my time for the 
next few weeks. I'll publish each video as soon as it's ready to 
go. I can't predict how long it will take, so I ask for your 

At the moment, I'm assisting Iain where I can on the admin side 
in getting our downloads moved away from Amazon to Backblaze. 
Once we get everything set up and have the certificate thing 
sorted, we'll be able to solve the problem with the broken DMD 
download. A perfect storm of issues has created that situation 
and caused the fix to be delayed. But we're getting close to 
having it solved.

That move is part of the collation of ecosystem services that 
we've got going on. I expect we'll be ready to move some other 
services some time soon (perhaps the tour and run.dlang.io, or 
maybe the forums and the wiki).

We're still in an environment where we have just a few people 
working in their free time on the server stuff, so progress is 
highly sensitive to their availability. Once we get things in 
place with a team of admins available to manage all the services, 
we should see faster responses to outages and quicker progress on 
projects involving changing/replacing/adding services.

My BindBC packages will, unfortunately, continue to be neglected 
for a bit until I can trim my broader D task list significantly 
down. I'll try to make time for any critical issues anyone 
reports, but I can make no promises right now.

So anyway, I'll be back on the job after a good night's sleep. 
I'm off from my main job until next Tuesday, so I hope to make a 
significant dent in the mountain before then.
Aug 17 2022