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digitalmars.D.announce - Atom ide-d package

reply Amin <aminyahyaabadi74 gmail.com> writes:
I am pleased to announce that version 0.4 of the IDE-D package 
for Atom is released, which brings a rich D experience to Atom.

Install from: https://atom.io/packages/ide-d


apm install ide-d

The features are provided by `serve-d`, `dcd`, `dscanner`, etc.

- Syntax highlighting for D, DML, SDL, and Diet
- Autocompletion
- Datatips
- Linting
- Outline
- Hyperclick
- ...

Jun 02
parent WebFreak001 <d.forum webfreak.org> writes:
On Wednesday, 2 June 2021 at 12:09:37 UTC, Amin wrote:
Awesome! Thanks for maintaining the atom extension using serve-d :)
Jun 02