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digitalmars.D.announce - Arclib to begin maintenance phase

Arc has been an interesting spare time project. Arc began in 2005 as a 
library that needed to be developed in order to complete my Warbots game 
project. After 3 years, it slowly took on a life of its own as I forgot 
about Warbots. I wrote code that would be useful to me and assimilated 
it into one library.

I have learned much about the D language, binding, and writing 2D game 
style code. Iíve had fun, but time doesn't permit anymore to actively 
develop 2D game code.

ArcLib will now move into maintenance phase. For this maintenance phase 
I have split ArcLib up into an ArcLib core and several extensions.

Current Arc Project Structure
1. Arc Core
2. Arc Extensions
- Blaze 2d physics
- Freetype font rendering
- GUI (currently crashes, however, due to assocArray.keys call, but tech 
has worked well in past)
- OpenAL sound
- Particle system
- Scenegraph
- Sprite

These extensions will all depend on the ArcLib core, but compatibility 
between extensions will not be guaranteed.

 From now on, ArcLib will be on a yearly maintenance cycle.

ArcLib and all its extensions should soon be installable via DSSS as well.

Only example code will be kept up-to-date, tutorials and the like will 
not be.

Forums: http://www.dsource.org/forums/viewforum.php?f=53

~ Clay
May 15 2008