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digitalmars.D.announce - AntTweakBarD - D binding to the AntTweakBar OpenGL/DirectX GUI

Many C/C++ game development demos and apps tend to use the 
popular AntTweakBar parameter tweaking library. AntTweakBar is 
used to manipulate user-defined parameters in real-time by 
providing a GUI-like interface in an OpenGL / DirectX environment.

AntTweakBarD[1][2] is just a simple D binding to this library.

Note: If you prefer to load the AntTweakBar shared library lazily 
(Derelict-style), you may perhaps have success using the Deimos 
Dynamic Loader[3] (not tested with this project).

Have fun, and let me know if there are any bugs!

[1] : https://github.com/AndrejMitrovic/AntTweakBarD
[2] : http://code.dlang.org/packages/ant-tweak-bar-d
[3] : https://github.com/jkm/ddl
Mar 12 2014