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digitalmars.D.announce - "Almost there" version of TDPL updated on Safari Rough Cuts


The current version includes virtually the entire book except (a) 
overloaded operators, (b) qualifiers, (c) threads. In the meantime I 
have finished the new design and wrote the chapter on overloaded 
operators. The design got Walter's seal of approval but I'm still 
waiting for Don's.

I plan to write the chapter on qualifiers in the next few days, mostly 
on the plane to and from Quebec. Hopefully Walter ad I will zero in on a 
solution to code duplication due to qualifiers, probably starting from 
Steven Schveighoffer's proposal.

I'll then have one month to design a small but compelling core 
concurrency framework together with Walter, Sean, and whomever would 
want to participate. The initial framework will emphasize de facto 
isolation between threads and message passing. It will build on an 
Erlang-inspired message passing design defined and implemented by Sean.

Dec 10 2009