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digitalmars.D.announce - Aedi, v0.4.0 release

Hello everyone,

There is new release of Aedi, a dependency injection framework 

The new release contains changes below, of which the most notable 
is manual memory management for components using 

- Added manual memory management mechanisms to component 
factories allowing to chose allocation mechanism for created 
components using std.experimental.allocator

- Added castable wrapper that allows seamless cast from D scalar 
- Added preferred reference, that will fallback to default 
dependency when preferred one is not available.
- Added circular dependency resolution for setter injection.
- Added gc registering container responsible to register for 
scanning components not allocated with gc.
- Refactored annotation based configuration into policy driven 
manner, allowing easy configuration of component scanning 
- Deprecated old code and annotation api.
- Refactored getters to be inout or const compatible.
- Component locator is automatically updated in property 
configurers and instance factories from generic factory.

package - http://code.dlang.org/packages/aedi
docs - https://aermicioi.github.io/aedi/
examples - https://aermicioi.github.io/aedi/examples/examples

Feb 24 2018