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digitalmars.D.announce - Aedi 0.3.0 released

Good day,

Announcing Aedi 0.3.0 release!

Aedi is a dependency injection framework, aimed at easiness of 
use, easiness to extend, and easiness to integrate with existing 

Following changes are included in 0.3.0 release:

1. New version of api to register and configure components 
(objects/structs etc.) in di containers, that eliminates some 
ambiguities in previous implementation. The new version 
implements the ability to view the file and line where components 
involved in an exception during container instantiation, are 
registered. This allows better debugging of mis-configured 

2. Proxy container, a container that serves proxies instead of 
original components. The proxy for an object will proxy any 
public method defined in original object. The proxy container is 
useful for implementing containers with narrower scope than 
existing ones.

3. A new decorating container (type based container), that when a 
component in decorated container is not found, will attempt to 
serve another one that is derivative of requested component, or 
if it implements the interface that is requested.

4. New tutorial on using annotation based component configuration.

code.dlang.org: http://code.dlang.org/packages/aedi
tutorials: https://github.com/aermicioi/aedi/wiki
api documentation: https://aermicioi.github.io/aedi/

Aug 19 2017