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digitalmars.D.announce - A (very) simple build/install/remove script

On the off chance that anyone is interested, I've attached a small, very 
simple, Bash script I've made that takes care of building, installing 
and uninstalling small and simple D libraries. Just put it somewhere in 
your path, mark it as executable, and off you go. :) Note that it only 
works with DMD.

It assumes a straightforward library structure. As an example, say you 
have a library "foo" consisting of, say, the modules foo.bar and 
foo.baz. These should then be located in the files foo/bar.d and foo/baz.d.

Then, from foo/'s parent directory, type the following commands.

To build the library (it will be located in .dlib/libfoo.a afterwards):
     dlib build foo

To install the library and sources to /usr/local:
     sudo dlib install foo

To remove the library and sources again:
     sudo dlib remove foo

To remove dlib's hidden working dir:
     dlib clean

I made the script for my own, personal use. Though it ain't exactly 
DSSS, I hope that someone else will find it useful as well. :)


The usual disclaimer follows:
You use this script at your own risk. Under no circumstances shall the 
author be held responsible for any consequences of your use of the script.
May 11 2009