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digitalmars.D.announce - A tiny, pure D build system.

I'm just calling it dbuild, but there is another project called 
dbuilder, so I may rename it to 'DB'. It can be found on github 

Anyways, this is a pure D way to generate only the necessary 
command line command
for compiling D code to various targets. Dependency checking 
works, everything works quite well, surprisingly. I haven't hit 
many problems with it. Don't expect it to do lots for you 
however. I have an example of it in use here:
and on the bfile.d in the dbuild repository itself

This is my first real D project (where I actually got something 
useful that performed what it was supposed to do), and I would 
love feedback (I've already braced myself for criticism). I'd 
like to make it better, but it's at a stable point right now. I 
use it like `rdmd bfile.d > build.sh` and then I simply execute 
build.sh. I don't think it works on windows, maybe someone could 
help with that one?
Oct 10 2012