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digitalmars.D.announce - DateUtils v0.3 released...MKoD celebrating its 1st Anniversary

Added some very popular Microsoft date functions like: 
DateDiff(), DateAdd(), DateSerial(), and DatePart(), that have been written to
use D's std.date module. The functions were renamed to the following:
getDateDiff(), getDateAdd(), getDateSerial(), and getDatePart().

Link (scroll midway down the page):

David L.

P.S. "MKoD - D Programming Langauge" is celebrating its 1st Anniversary on the
web, and still strongly supporting Mars D. Please visit this and other D
user-created sites, afterall, everyone needs a pat on the back every once in a
while...even Walter (who been working on D since 1999 for a least six years
now)!! ;)

Kudos Walter, for a job well done...thus far! <g>

"Dare to reach for the Stars...Dare to Dream, Build, and Achieve!"

MKoD: http://spottedtiger.tripod.com/D_Language/D_Main_XP.html
Jul 08 2005