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digitalmars.D.announce - Build v2.08 released

The latest version (2.08.1137) of the Build utility is now available.

You can download these files ...

http://svn.dsource.org/projects/build/downloads/build-2.08.doc.zip (26.2KB)
http://svn.dsource.org/projects/build/downloads/build-2.08.src.zip (65.2KB)
http://svn.dsource.org/projects/build/downloads/build_win_2.08.exe (185 KB)

Change log:
** FIX: thanks to teqdruid: In Unix environments, any pragma(link, <name>)
statements were not sending the correct syntax to the compiler's command
line. The "<name>" is now prefixed with "-L-l" for Unix systems. 

** FIX: thanks to Carlos: In Unix environments, any "-version" switch on
the Utility's command line was not being converted to the correct Unix
format of "-fversion...". So now, if the Build tool gets either
"-version..." or "-fversion=..." on its command line, it will recognize it
as a 'Version' request for the compiler and output it on the command line
in the correct format for the environment it is running in, namely
"-fversion..." for GNU (gdc) and "-version..." for Windows. 
Note: The same applies to the "-debug..." and "-fdebug..." switches. 

** FIX: The pragma(nolink) was being ignored under some circumstances. Now
it splits the compilation phase from the linking phase and excludes the
'nolink' files from the linker's command line. 

** FIX: thanks to kris: 'debug' statements were not being taken into
account when examining code for import statements. 

** FIX: 'debug' and 'version' levels are now being taken into account. 

** FIX: 'debug' and 'version' values being set inside a source file were
being made global rather than module scoped. 

** FIX: thanks to carlos: The utility was not processing the -I switch
correctly when using GDC compiler. 

** ENH: The utility can now accept the -I switch in two forms: -I<path> and
-I <path> on its command line, regardless of which compiler is being used.
When invoking the compiler, it uses the correct format on the command line
of the compiler being used, namely "-I<path>" to DMD compiler and "-I
<path>" to GDC. 

** ENH: The path of any source file that imports a module will be added to
the list of root paths to search for module source files. This means that
you can now have module source files referenced relative to the source file
that imports them. This is the new default behaviour but it can be turned
off by using the new -noautoimport switch or for individual files by
placing them inside parenthesis. 

** ENH: New switch -noautoimport is used to turn off the automatic adding
of search roots based on the path of the source files being compiled. 

** ENH: New switch -LIBPATH= is used to add search paths for library files. 

** WARN: The utility only does a single scan of each source file and thus
if any file sets a 'debug' or 'version' value after a function which uses
that value, the value will be ignored. You are requested to ensure that all
your 'debug' and 'version' setting is done prior to the first module

To: Brad (admin dsource.org)

The standard email address for admin doesn't seem to be working. I tried to
email you about a problem using the project's admin page to update the
downloads page. All seems to work except that the page is not actually
updated. The SVN upload worked fine (revision #37) and the files exist in

 I'm at ddparnell (at) bigpond (dot) com

Melbourne, Australia
30/05/2005 11:09:07 AM
May 29 2005