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digitalmars.D - ATTENTION: Request for Documentation Writers

Posting this on behalf of project members:

"Can you write effectively? Can you hold the attention of a reader? Can  
you wax eloquently and wistfully through technical overviews, some  
detailed minutiae, and/or tutorials? Have a sense of humor also?

If so, there's a new D project that needs *your* help. We expect this  
project to be used on a daily basis, and the readership count will be  
extremely high. While your work may go unpaid it will hardly go unnoticed  
(put it on your Resume also, as self-motivated and self-organized work ~  
always looks good).

Please reply to this address D.Project.Writers gmail.com, and let's talk!"

Serious inquiries only, please! Project details only revealed to committed  
participants at this point.

Jul 27 2006