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c++.announce - [recls] Version 1.8.1 released

It's been six months since the last release, and there's a lot of new code 
to the core library and all supported mappings, as well as a couple of 
little bug fixes.

Notable additions to core are:
    + supports "~" for representing home directory to search/stat functions
    + Recls_SearchFeedback() - provides callbacks, throughout searching, for 
each directory traversed
    + Recls_GetSelectedRoots() - gets the host system roots according to 
type (fixed, network, optical, ...)
    + Recls_CombinePaths() - combines path fragments
    + Recls_DeriveRelativePath() - determines the path of an target path 
relative to an origin path
    + Recls_SqueezePath() - squeezes paths, using ..., into fixed maximum 
    + RECLS_F_USE_TILDE_ON_NO_SEARCHROOT flag - assumes home directory if 
    + RECLS_F_IGNORE_HIDDEN_ENTRIES_ON_WIN32 flag - skips hidden files on 
Win32 (UNIX support in next version)

Corresponding functionality added to all mappings: C++, D, Java, .NET, 
Python, Ruby, STL

Details, and downloads, at http://recls.org/downloads.html#recls_1_8_1

D users:
    - the core builds with latest DMC++
    - the D source file contains all updates to API, i.e. includes 
getRoots(), getSelectedRoots(), combinePaths(), deriveRelativePath() and 
squeezePath() functions.
    - the module is no longer "std.recls" - now plain "recls"
    - the D mapping contains a makefile that works with
    - I've run out of time for producing binaries. If anyone wants to do 
that, feel free.
    - if there are any issues, please post here [STLSoft newsgroup], 
otherwise it might go unnoticed for weeks. (Things are busy to the point of 
mania for me at the mo.)

Python/Ruby/COM/.Net users:
    - I wanted to provide binaries for these mappings in this distro, but 
time has not been my friend. Makefiles and/or VS project files are included. 
Post here [STLSoft newsgroup] with any problems.

One last note: the distro is dependent on STLSoft 1.9.1 beta 10 (released 
today). Make sure you upgrade, or you'll have problems.


Jun 18 2006