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digitalmars.D.announce - gdcmac 0.18 and gdcwin 0.18

I have made pre-compiled binaries for Mac (Xcode) and Win (MinGW)
available now - at http://gdcmac.sf.net and http://gdcwin.sf.net

You will need either the Xcode Tools CD or MinGW/MSYS installed,
in order to use these packages (i.e. it's just an add-on, for D)

Mac OS X - "gdcmac" (http://gdcmac.sourceforge.net/)
2.4M    gdc-0.18-mac-10.3.dmg (GCC 3.3.6 Mac-patched)
3.2M    gdc-0.18-mac-10.4.dmg (GCC 4.0.1 Mac-patched)

Universal binaries (PowerPC and Intel) for Mac OS X 10.4 coming,
with four different binaries in total: two hosts and two targets...

Windows - "gdcwin" (http://gdcwin.sourceforge.net/)
2.1M    gdc-0.18-gcc-3.4.2.exe (GCC 3.4.2-20040916-1)
2.1M    gdc-0.18-gcc-3.4.5.exe (GCC 3.4.5-20060117-1)

The source code and configuration is the same as what MinGW uses,
so you should be able to use this gdc with those gcc/g++ versions.

You can also build for Darwin or Cygwin with the FSF GCC versions,
using the GDC source code available at http://dgcc.sourceforge.net/

This release changes name to clarify that it is not a GNU project:
from "GNU D Compiler" to "GCC D Compiler" - but it's the same GDC.

Share and Enjoy,

I could have made .MSI instead of .EXE, but I didn't find any good
and free tools to do so - so I just stuck with the excellent NSIS.
May 28 2006