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digitalmars.D.announce - Indigo template containers 0.5

Indigo is a project to provide general containers for D that look & feel  
like the Qt 4.0 container classes, and additionally harmonize very well  
with D specialities. This is version 0.5, containing Vector, List,  
LinkedList, Map, and most of String. Due to the superior performance of  
Map, i defer the Hash. This is a release "in between", mostly because the  
documentation is now created with NaturalDocs (someone mentioned it in the  
forum, but i don't remember him -- anyway, thank you very much!).

There also is an implementation of a dynamic library loader, which i  
copied from the Mango project and improved a bit (better error detection  
mostly -- perhaps you want to use that for Mango again, Kris?). Thanks a  
lot for that.

You reach the docs under:
And the source under:

In the docs there are also some results of tests i made that show the very  
high performance of the containers.

This is not my first programming project, but my first open source  
project, thus i will be very grateful for advices from you

Thanks & ciao
May 11 2005