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digitalmars.D.announce - DBI Interface v0.1.0

reply Jeremy Cowgar <jeremy __no__spAM__cowgar.com> writes:
D DBI Interface v0.1.0 is released: http://jeremy.cowgar.com/ddbi/

I've changed things a little since the last "preview" of the interface 
code. I've added a Statement class, reworked how alot of the internals 
work, structured the project much better and this is 0.1.0.

Please read below about the status.



D DBI is a database independent interface for the D programming language.


D DBI is in itís infancy and the API will change.  As database drivers 
are added a common factor will be found.  Some existing functions may 
change names, parameters or totally removed.  Other functions will be 
added.  The purpose of this release is to give the community something 
to work with and start collecting ideas, bug fixes and hopefully other 
database drivers.

In regards to documentation, as you browse around you will see that it 
is still very sparse.  I would recommend you checking out 
dbi/sqlite/SqliteDatabase.d.  In that file is a unittest { ...  } block 
that should help out quite a bit.

Simple Example:

import dbi.sqlite.SqliteDatabase;

void main() {
   SqliteDatabase db = new SqliteDatabase();

   Row[] rows = db.queryFetchAll("SELECT * FROM names");
   for (int a=0; a < rows.length; a++) {
     printf("name: %.*s zip: %.*s\n", row[a]["name"], row[a]["zip"]);

Apr 14 2005
parent Jeremy Cowgar <jeremy __no_spam__.cowgar.cooooom> writes:
Jeremy Cowgar wrote:
 D DBI Interface v0.1.0 is released: http://jeremy.cowgar.com/ddbi/
Some bug fixes and documentation additions were made. 0.1.2 is now up on the above URL. Jeremy http://jeremy.cowgar.com
Apr 15 2005