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digitalmars.D.announce - Linux build scripts for Derelict

reply Mike Parker <aldacron71 yahoo.com> writes:
Thanks to Lucas Goss, Derelict now has a set of build scripts for Linux 
which roughly parallel the Windows scripts. All remaining Makefiles have 
now been removed from the project and will no longer be supported by me. 
To build Derelict packages out of the box on both Windows and Linux, you 
need to have the Build utility installed. Of course, nothing is stopping 
you from creating your own Makefiles - just don't submit them to me!

Derelict is still a ways off from where I want it to be and I'm still 
taking my time getting there. I have more packages I'd like to add, 
sample apps I'd like to create, and individual package archives I'd like 
to put together and make available for download. I can't make any 
gaurantees on when any of this will get done. So if there's something 
you want from derelict /now/, or you're bored or something, feel free to 
implement it yourself and submit it to me. Several great people have 
contributed already to help the project along and I always welcome more. 
   It's a good idea, though, to check with me first before you implement 
anything yourself just to make sure it's something I'm willing to commit 
to the trunk.
Nov 08 2005
parent Mike Parker <aldacron71 yahoo.com> writes:
I suppose I should have included a URL for those unfamiliar with Derelict:


No downloads are currently available, so if you want to get your hands 
on the source you should get an svn client and point it here:

Nov 09 2005