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I thought I would mention here that I have now updated the website for 
the language machine at


In particular I've added a page with a whole progression of diagrams at


which I hope will explain better how the beast works, and help anyone 
who is interested to get their heads round this admittedly unfamiliar 
way of thinking about language and grammar.

As I said in my original posting, the whole engine is written in D, 
produces modules and programs in D, and interfaces easily with 
procedures in D. There's also a first cut at a d-to-d translator/pretty 
printer/preprocessor, and small beginnings of an interface to gnu gcc4.

The tcc library interface module embeds the tiny c compiler diretly into 
D, and could be quite useful in its own right as a way of buildiing 
interfaces to C libraries 'on-the-fly' - it's not at all tightly linked 
to the rest of the language machine, but there's an example in which I 
call into it from a language machine ruleset that was compiled with D 
language wrappings.

I've also added a mailing list at sourceforge.

Best wishes

http://languagemachine.sourceforge.net - The language machine
Sep 30 2005