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digitalmars.D.announce - dlint v0.1

Dlint is a syntax checker and style analyzer based 99.9% on the dmd front 
end code and modified from the dmdfe project I posted about a few days ago. 
I have some emacs mode code ready to go, too, but I'll wait until I verify 
all the license rules before including that in my d-mode.zip project.
Right now the dlint.zip contains the source and a prebuilt binary for 
Windows. The license is either GPL or Artistic.
Get it at http://home.comcast.net/~benhinkle/dlint
Since it only has the warnings from the dmd front end it might not catch all 
the warnings that dmd the compiler would generate. I'd like to eventually 
improve it to include all the warning request people have for things like 
dead code and unused variables, etc so let me know what enhancements you'd 
like. Also I'd like to add a way to turn off warnings or mark code with some 
comment or something to tell dlint to skip warnings on lines you know to be 

Apr 03 2005