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digitalmars.D.announce - Stewart's Programming Resources on the move

I'd hoped that in the not-too-distant future my programming resources 
website would move off Portland because its popularity was going to 
outgrow the bandwidth ration.

But it's turned out to be not so happy news - it's been down for a few 
weeks and getting a reply out of them seems to have turned out 
impossible.  So I've figured it's about time to give up on Portland.  It 
was only a free service anyway.

And so my Programming Resources (SDWF, utility library and that) now 
have a new home:


(Yes, I know that within some of the downloads the URL is still out of 
date!  Hopefully that'll fix itself soon.)

See you there!


Version: 3.1
GCS/M d- s:- a->--- UB  P+ L E  W++  N+++ o K- w++  O? M V? PS- PE- Y? 
PGP- t- 5? X? R b DI? D G e++>++++ h-- r-- !y

My e-mail is valid but not my primary mailbox.  Please keep replies on 
the 'group where everyone may benefit.
Aug 25 2005