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digitalmars.D.announce - Ant D build file for use with Eclipse (or standalone).

I've cleaned up and improved an Ant build file (Ant is a xml-based tool 
similar to make) that I made recently, to work with D projects together 
with Eclipse editor plugins (altough it can also be used standalone with 
Ant), namely EclipseD previsouly and now Blackbird.
I wasn't thinking that it was that relevant to announce/release (it's 
small), but seeing that it's still somewhat better than the current 
Blackbird build mechanism, and also after seeing some people saying that 
the simple new -run feature in D.P. build saved them 2 ou 4 keystrokes, 
I starting thinking they were using rather poor build/run 
configurations/tools. :p

So here we go, this is a screenshot of what you get with an Ant view in 
Eclipse with this build file:

So, you will need D.P. build tool, and the Ant build files which consist 
of Dbuild.xml and Dbuild.properties (it's mostly this latter one you 
should edit). These files are included in the following zip, together 
with some D files for testing, and an Eclipse project (with dbuild.xml 
associated as a project builder). You can use the Ant view to build a 
target, or press ctrl-B to build the Make target:

Usage Notes: any build dir must be diferente from the source dir, 
because Clean'ing erases the build dir. I have tested this only lightly, 
so there maybe one or another bug. Also I haven't tested this on Linux, 
but it should work unless you add platform specific comand-line options.

This here is a more complex example (it's the one seen in the 
screenshot), it uses separate dirs for source, Debug build, Release 
build, final output, it links against SDL/GL libs and with a precompiled 
C .obj OMF file, and it also has a modified dbuild.xml file with an 
extra custom target (Distrib):

Bruno Medeiros
Computer Science/Engineering student
Aug 17 2005