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digitalmars.D.announce - Indigo library 0.95

Indigo is a project to provide a platform-independent non-GUI library that  
accomplishes some of the tasks of the Qt library for C++. Everything is  
designed to behave as equal to its Qt equivalent as possible, but also to  
take advantage of D specialties. Everything should be fast and simple.  
Currently it includes almost all Qt containers, a clean signals&slots  
implementation, I/O with IODevice, File and DataStream, and  
internationalisation basics with fast UTF conversion, message translation  
(including 2 helper programs imupdate and imrelease), and the beginnings  
of message formatting and Locale information.

This is not a "finished" release, just a working snapshot of the current  
progress. Some of the containers needed to be fixed for DMD 0.129, that's  
why i publish it.

You reach the docs under:
And the source under:

Aug 07 2005