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digitalmars.D - "The Next Big Language" discussion is for brainless Kids

You can't JUDGE a language by its features, consistency and community
WITHOUT a descent scenario to prove it against

and who drives the dicussions, even when a decent scenario is available?
the big, never helping, always searching, non language really knowing
crowd of young to old, semi pros

for these ones is the Next Big Language always the one which solves the 
currenty problem, very easy, very fast and without thinking about it
and they can only provide no-gos and gogos for every good or bad aspect 
of every language

whats the main problem: if a big company is behind the language - the 
featureset is getting richt very fast and people will follow (no one 
choosed java in the first step becaus of beeing an standard and backed 
by SUN), the same goes to languages that are using an company driven 
languages backend all other languages are directly filling holes (like 
ruby or others where no competion is)

D tries to "replace" languages where the competitiors are

so there a masses of non,half,fullstupid kids around helping to make 
(verbaly) D look bad

2. very old and long(term/time) competitiors
like (asm),C,C++
where the main feeling is - there is no change to make things better 
here -> just do it complete different
Oct 18 2010