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digitalmars.D - Tease: Empire on Pi

This is a tease because there is nothing you can download and I am
occupied with other stuff at the moment, but...

While improving LDC linux ARM support, I've been using an original Pi to
debug, test the changes, and it is all in good shape.

Now, back in 2012 I changed the Windows D version of Walter's Classic
Empire to use ncurses so I could play on linux or OS X.  I just did this
locally for myself and the code has been just sitting.  I was not
involved with D community at the time.

Back to now.  Brain spark: I see empire src directory.  Would it work?
Need to add a version clause for non-X86 in a couple places.

pi raspberrypi:~/empire $ make
ldc2  -g -I../ycurses/modules -ofempire -L-lncurses display.d empire.d
eplayer.d init.d main.d mapdata.d maps.d move.d path.d plugin.d printf.d sub2.d
text.d var.d

pi raspberrypi:~/empire $ ./empire

Empire, Wargame of the Century
Please wait seven days for creation of world...

--then after a few moves--


00        10        20        30        40        50

Made my day.  Now I'll get nothing done.
Feb 20 2016