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digitalmars.D - Strange bug when doing a custom build of druntime

Hi !
I'm trying to figure out what happens.

There's a full command line.

It builds OK and works too.
But there's some strange bug with bounds check.

The code of _d_arraybounds is just:

.text:0000000140014210 _d_arraybounds proc near                ; 
CODE XREF: j__d_arrayboundsj
.text:0000000140014210 push    rbp
.text:0000000140014211 mov     rbp, rsp
.text:0000000140014214 pop     rbp
.text:0000000140014215 retn

I don't know why dmd ommits _d_arraybounds body. So if app built 
with that druntime tries to access out of bounds element it just 
crashes instead of throwing oob error.
If i remove -release from command line when building druntime all 
seems to be OK.
But i had seen that in win64.mak there's a release switch.

Where can be a problem?
Thanks for a help.
Oct 29 2016