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digitalmars.D - Scitools & D support?

Hi, not sure if any of you know this "understand" tool from [1]? It's 
pretty cool if you need to get into legacy or foreign code bases fast. 
IMO it would be great if they would add D as well.

I'm not sure if I have the full overview about all libs, etc. that can 
help parsing D code and/or rule sets for semantic, syntactic checks 
etc. But I can imagine if we collect a good bunch of information for 
them, the chances might be pretty high that it will be added.

They are currently supporting (from their web-site);

Ada: Understand supports Ada83, Ada95, Ada05 and Ada2012 code 
separately, or in combination.

Assembly Understand currently supports Coldfire 68k and JIPSE MIL-STD-1750A

C/C++: Understand analyzes K&R or ANSI C source code and most 
constructs of the C++ language. Understand works with any C compiler, 
and has been tested with most of the popular ones. Note that C++ 
templates are now supported using the strict parser in Understand. 
Objective C, Objective C++, C++11, and C++14 are also supported using 
the strict parser

C#: Understand supports all versions up to and including 4.0.

FORTRAN: Understand supports FORTRAN 77, FORTRAN 90, FORTRAN 95, and 
FORTRAN 2003 in both free and fixed format. Extensions supported 
include Harris FORTRAN and DEC FORTRAN. We often expand Understand to 
support common compiler extensions. If you find that the compiler 
extensions you are using are not currently supported, contact us at 
support scitools.com.

Java: Understand supports most of JDK 1.3, 1.4, 5, 6, and 7. 
Specifically, the generics introduced in JDK 5 are not currently 
supported. Source code containing generics may be analyzed but generics 
information will be ignored.

JOVIAL: JOVIAL73 and JOVIAL3 are supported.

Delphi/Pascal: Understand supports all versions of Embarcadero’s Delphi 
language and Embarcadero’s Turbo Pascal language. It also supports ISO 
7185: 1990 (also known as Unextended Pascal) with HP Pascal extensions. 
You can also enable support for Ingres embedded SQL statements.

PL/M: The standard version for PL/M 80/86 is supported.

VHDL: We support VHDL-87, VHDL-93, and VHDL-2001.

Cobol: Understand supports COBOL 85.

Web Languages: Understand supports PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. XML 
is also a supported language that Understand provides several metrics 
for: counts for total lines, code lines, blank lines, and comment lines.

Python: Understand supports Python Version 2 and Python Version 3.

[1] https://scitools.com

Robert M. Münch
smarter | better | faster
Sep 20 2016