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digitalmars.D - Relative performance

This is a small D1/D2 program, similar to a raytracer:

I have timed it, to see the relative performance of some DMD versions (LDC is
twice faster on this program).

Timings, no input, dmd compiler, best of two, seconds:
  v1.061:      61
  v1.061:      62 (struct spheres) [Sphere(1e5, Vec3(1e5+1,...

  v2.046:      73

  v2.047beta:  74
  v2.047beta:  75 (__gshared spheres)
  v2.047beta: 232 (enum __gshared spheres)
  v2.047beta: 210 (enum spheres)  
  v2.047beta:  68 (struct spheres) [Sphere(1e5, Vec3(1e5+1,...

The timings are a bit strange.

Jun 08 2010