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digitalmars.D - Reddit: bot disabled - please post manually

Just a short annoucement for the people who lost track 
r/d_language due to the bot:

 As an attempt to increase activity in this subreddit we want to 
 try it without the bot for a while. Please announce relevant 
 stuff from the forum (or blog or elsewhere) here manually from 
 now on!
In short idea is that bot kills active discussions as it creates ghost threads that are seldom commented on or watched. For a longer explanation see either [2, 3] or below:
 In fact it would be great to see the forum use reddit more 
 actively for heated discussions as everyone can judge the value 
 of a comment/thread and off-topic threads (or threads with 
 low-values) get down-voted very quickly. It might also help to 
 avoid such 50 pages threads (like auto-decoding) as the 
 most-important thread stays on top and newcomers to the 
 discussion don't have to read everything to get the gist and 
 reduce the constant noise of off-topic comments or personal 
 attacks on the NG. Another advantage is that discussions are 
 sorted after their current important and not after the latest 
 Of course there are some disadvantages too (e.g. 1) not all D 
 members might like reddit, 2) it puts reddit "out-of-sync", 3) 
 one can't repost outdated topics, and 4) we have to trust 
 reddit that they accidentally delete our discussions), but I 
 believe 1) isn't a big concern as we usually have active 
 discussions on the reddit thread of announcements and this just 
 about disabling the bot, 2) (out-of-sync) the NG is an 
 essential part of the D language and as thus many people check 
 it daily. Yes disabling the bot might put the people on reddit 
 "out-of-sync" with the main NG, but I argue that they check the 
 NG anyways and don't post here, because they know it's a dead 
 copy - not the original thread. 3) (no ghost posts) is a good 
 thing as it requires the reposter to think about reviving a 
 thread from the dead & summarizing the gist, 4) (data security) 
 reddit is a lot more unlikely to crash their servers. After all 
 it's a company with full-time developers working on it - no 
 offence to all the great people keeping the NG and it's forum 
 interface up & running.
[1] https://www.reddit.com/r/d_language/ [2] https://www.reddit.com/r/d_language/comments/4wr8v2/meta_bot_disabled_please_post_manually/ [3] https://www.reddit.com/r/d_language/comments/4vel7m/can_we_kill_the_dlang_bot_and_its_ghost_threads/
Aug 12 2016