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digitalmars.D - Re: Why are some casts from floating point to integral done differently

 The Digital Mars C compiler was started in 1982, and a lot of it still
 in the code base (library & compiler).
 The evolution of the human brain is not done by replacing structures with new 
 ones, but by putting new layers over the old ones and overriding them. Hence,
 all have a notochord, and a dinosaur brain, etc. You can see that in the back 
 end code; the original design and structure is intact, it's just been layered 
 over. Maybe some day I should dig up NWC 1.0 and post it!
 The D front end, however, is radically different from the C front end.
If by some impossible way you could travel back in time to `82, could hardware support D if you would build it then?
Mar 16 2010