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digitalmars.D - Re: PROPOSAL: Implicit conversions of integer literals to floating


 Personally, I'd love to see implicit conversions int<->floating point 
 completely removed from the language. But I think there'd be an outcry 
 if that happened.
It's a significant change. How much work does it need to create a complied side branch of DMD 2.051 with this difference? With this different version I see how much code it breaks, how much work it needs to update the code, how many casts I need to add to my code. This gives some a bit of usability data to decide if this causes an outcry if it happens. (Sorry for watering down your proposal a bit with this discussions, but I think it's good to contextualize proposals in a wider frame, to show if more general/better solutions are possible (often they aren't possible).) Bye, bearophile
Dec 30 2010