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(Catching some older posts I have lost in my absence)

Andrei Alexandrescu:

 * in is a vestige now used for const, and a syntactic component of contracts
It's a (nearly) duplicated way to do something, so it may be removed.
 * lazy sucks
I don't remember why.
 We stand to lose the ability to express designs clearly and in good 
 detail whichever of the above we eliminate. What do we take away?
I don't mind having many words to specify my desired semantics to the compiler, so I don't mind twenty attributes. But their purpose and semantics must be clean, each one of them must do just one clear thing and to it well. But I agree that "auto ref" is a bit confusing, I prefer a single keyword, like autoref or auto_ref, or autoref, or some other single word. Bye, bearophile
Dec 15 2010