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digitalmars.D - Raku Weekly news

So i would like to share this link with the D community
I am not in any part of the Raku team, just a follower, lurker 
and occasional fiddler


The reasons I am sharing this are the following
Raku similar to D have a small number of contributors, a small 
community and generally I think not as popular as it deserve

But, I really admire the general positivity of the community and 
the huge amount of work that seem to be produced by such a small 

I also think in case you never heard of Raku, its worth a look, 
Raku doesnt compete with D in anyway or form, so it might 
interest people here to learn it as another tool that might be 
very suitable for use cases where D don't fit

Things I like about Raku, rational numbers by default
This should be in every language
Apr 13