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digitalmars.D - Proper wording for compiler error message

I try to improve one compiler error message: 
https://github.com/dlang/dmd/pull/10996 and I have a question about some 

Official doc for __traits(allMembers, TraitsArguments) says that it 
takes a single argument, which must evaluate to either a type or an 
expression of type - https://dlang.org/spec/traits.html#allMembers
Is `expression of type` an appropriate wording?

Also if one pass float to `__traits(allMembers, float)` the compiler 
says that float has no members. But float can not have members at all. 
`struct Foo{}` has no member, but it can in general. Should't `float has 
no members` be replaced by `float can not have members` or there is no 
difference here?
Apr 04