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digitalmars.D - Please do not reply in the feedback thread

I would like to remind everyone: the Feedback thread is 
exclusively for review of the contents of the DIP, e.g., 
suggestions for how to revise it. All replies, except those from 
the DIP author and those amending a previous post, must be a 
direct reply to the initial post. If you want to discuss any 
particular comments you see in the Feedback thread (like the 
practicality of making extern(C) functions  safe), please post 
your remarks in the Discussion thread.

Not only does this keep all DIP feedback in one place, it saves 
me a helluva lot of time in finding that feedback for the review 
summary as I don't have to wade through 20+ pages of tangential 
discussion. This has already proven its value and I am keeping 
this feedback vs. discussion separation for every DIP review 
going forward.

And I *will* delete any post in the Feedback thread that breaks 
the rules,  no matter who posts them. I've just deleted three.

Mar 25