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digitalmars.D - On adding to the standard library

I just asked for a stdlib addition to be pulled back at 
https://github.com/D-Programming-Language/phobos/pull/4025. Such 
decisions are difficult because the risk is them to be interpreted as 
stifling creativity.

That is not the case. The only reason for all library additions to go 
through one person/small group is to preserve a cohesive vision and 
style. At the opposite end, nobody wants a library that's a mishmash of 
styles and approaches, even if that includes some of theirs.

Please make sure I know of library additions. I've been on vacation and 
even when I'm not I can't monitor and review all library work - it would 
be a full-time job that wouldn't leave me time for anything else. Please 
just email me directly related pull requests. I always tend to my email.


Mar 21 2016