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digitalmars.D - OCaml compiler for NaCl

Today the ability to run a language on a browser is important, it gives a much
higher visibility to a language.

It seems they have written a patch for the OCaml compiler, allowing the
binaries it produces to run on Google Native Client (NaCl):

The patch, NaCl is a bit like a little operating system, you create a NaCl
binary for a CPU (like x86), and then it runs on Linux, Mac, Windows browsers:

Today NaCl is not diffused yet because Google is still trying to make it safe,
I don't know when they will think it's safe enough. Eventually it will be
released as built-in in Chrome (with the 3D plug-in too) and as plug-in for
Firefox. At that point having a way to run D code on such plug-in will be nice,
a way to give visibility to D (but today lot of people don't like to install
plug-ins, that's why Crome will have it built-in). Maybe Google will encourage
to use the Go language on the NaCl system.

Time ago I have adapted&compiled few small C programs for NaCl, I've seen a
performance reduction of only about 5%, this is usually much less than the
performance difference between DMD and LDC. So it's good enough.

Mar 05 2010