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digitalmars.D - Make sure to update you d-apt-keyring and revoke previous key

Hi all,

I recently came across an issue concerning how the d-apt-keyring 
package was distributing its keys. While nothing is at risk at 
the moment, the way the key was distributed make revoking it 
reliably a problem, so if it were to be compromised in the future 
- which we all hope won't happen, your system will become 

The first step toward getting yourself sorted out it to upgrade 
the d-apt-keyring package and make sure to revoke the previous 
key manually using the following command:
$ sudo apt-key --keyring /etc/apt/trusted.gpg del EBCF975E5BA24D5E

I'd like to thank Jordi Sayol who maintains that repository, as 
he acted quickly to fix the issue and he is maintaining a very 
convenient repository for us all to enjoy!
Feb 15