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digitalmars.D - Is there a reason why there's no way to manually pass args to variadic

There's a design pattern in D which dates back to C - for every 
vararg function there's a v*function*(Typeinfo[], void*) sibling 
function which allows one to wrap the function in another 

You can see an example here:

Why is this C pattern preserved in D? I think it should be 
possible to pass Typeinfo-Vararg pair into function(...) without 
the need for vfunction(Typeinfo, void*) as those parameters 
arrays are probably generated on the caller side anyways?

This pattern is problematic because a-very-smart-library-designer 
may forget to add a v- function variant (in which case users are 
screwed), and it cripples metaprogramming (for example for my 
mocking library).

And yeah, I know this is easy to with template methods but those 
can't be used in interfaces because they're compile time entities.
Feb 15 2014