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The previous thread "[WORK] std.file.update function"
http://forum.dlang.org/thread/nrmb6b$2lc9$1 digitalmars.com

quickly turned out to be a misnomer after a few posts about 
object-file-formats and codegen.

Therefore I am opening this one.

Of course I do have something to say about the subject.

It is possible to generate object files (at least in coff64 and 
elf) that are usable for a minimal modification maximal extension 

This is for example relevant for a techniques to reduce 

I am not sure if the impact on the glue-layer (the part that is 
responsible for triggering object-code generation) will be a high 
cost change or not.

Chances are that we will be able to integrate such a scheme with 
relatively low effort.

If that is the case we should also think about better I/O 
handling for such a case.
Sep 19 2016