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digitalmars.D - GSoC czardom position available


There have been interesting discussions lately about improving this 
community's organizational structure and processes.

It turns out the perfect opportunity for exercising such initiative is 
right in front of us.

Our participation to GSoC 2014 is an event in which the organizational 
skills of a talented and motivated individual can make a world of 
difference. In the past I have fulfilled this task, with varying degrees 
of success. I am convinced that there's a lot of room for improvement, 
and am opening the door for applicants.

Our GSoC czar (administrator) is tasked with anything and everything 
that makes our application, and hopefully summer, move smoothly. That 
includes managing the ideas page, collecting mentor applications, 
collecting and reviewing student applications, matching mentors to 
students, overseeing the midterm and final results, and more. There's a 
lot of freedom and leeway, and again the right person can make a huge 

Please reply publicly to this post tendering your interest.


Feb 11 2014