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# A Simple Document Format [1]

ASDF is a cache oriented string based JSON representation.
It allows to easily iterate over JSON arrays/objects multiple 
times without parsing them.
ASDF does not parse numbers (they are represented as strings) and 
does not decode escape sequence in JSON strings.
ASDF values can be removed by setting `deleted` bit on.

For line separated JSON values see `parseJsonByLine` function.
This function accepts a range of chunks instead of a range of 

#### Why ASDF?

ASDF is fast. It can be really helpful if you have gigabytes of 
JSON line separated values.

#### Specification

See ASDF Specification [2].

#### I/O Speed

  - Reading JSON line separated values and parsing them to ASDF - 
250+ MB per second (SSD).
  - Writing ASDF range to JSON line separated values - 300+ MB per 
second (SSD).

[1] https://github.com/tamediadigital/asdf

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May 06 2016