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digitalmars.D - [Discussion] Dlang IRC has moved to Libera Chat

Hi all,

For over 18 years, we have used Freenode as our home for the 
Dlang community on IRC.  Recent events, however, have made it 
unclear whether we will be able to retain any presence on 
Freenode at all.

So it has been decided, as of 
[2021/05/27](https://github.com/dlang/dlang.org/pull/3012), our 
official IRC presence will now be on [Libera 
Chat](https://libera.chat/), with [OFTC](https://www.oftc.net/) 
as a secondary home.  The Freenode channel has now been marked as 
unofficial, and we invite everyone to join us in #d on Libera 

While I have raised this topic here to be discussed, please 
remember to be considerate and avoid discussing the general 
subject of Freenode/Libera, as it is off-topic for the D forum.

It's never easy to move home, so I hope you support us well.
May 29