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digitalmars.D - DConf now has a Twitter account! :)

Hey everybody. Dylan Cromwell here from Sociomantic. I'm the VP 
of Dev over there working on topics like personal and 
professional growth and internal communications, but in my free 
time I love program like the rest. Online I'm known as  dilkROM.

Enough about me - I started this thread to share the news that 
I've launched a DConf Twitter account to share tidbits about the 
current (and hopefully future) conference(s). This might sound 
weird - why me and not Walter or Andrei or another DLang 
old-timer; it's because I'm currently in-charge of co-hosting the 
event with the rest of the D Foundation since I live and work in 
Berlin. In fact, I hope it's not my last DConf I am a part of 
organizing; so far it's been a blast!

Anyhow, I'm rambling. Back to the Twitter account: it's 
 DLangConf, so if you have any interest please go check it out, 
give it a follow, and feel free to interact with us there. 
Looking forward to those of you who are coming to Berlin and 
those that aren't stay in touch to watch the live stream and more 
from the event.

Long live D! :)
May 02 2016