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digitalmars.D - D2 Phobos what's the scope ?

What's the scope of phobos ..in future .. close to the metal .. or 
general purpose..

I mean what can we expect in a mid term ?
No heresies, just want to know.  where we stand in, let's say, about  12 
//-   my 2 cents

//- IMO we need a full set of mutable and immutable collections.
Further we need an idea on how to implement thread safe observable 
collections. ()

//- We need a way to stream whatever comes into our mind.
Compile- and Run- Time reflection should be en par..

Sockets and Concurrency
//- 1. We need a stable socket implementation to implement NNTP,POP,IMAP 
,HTTP, DAV  whatdaheck. support. In  opposite to the most Phobos users I 
hate the idea of having a CURL binding. Let's eat our own dog food. 
Finally all the async. communication stuff is far away from what CURL 
can offer...

//- 2. SSL
//- 3.  :) beside what have sockets done for us lately..

XML and XSL, X parsing/translating ..
// IMO D needs suppport for server side protocols ..WSDL, SOAP, REST.. 
at least.. we need that shi*  Hate to say it 'cause this stuff is not 
very interesting (4 me)

//- IMO we need fresh bindings to the most interesting databases.
and indeed a /D/ DBC standard based on Interfaces..

// IMO we need a modern, D2 made wxWidgets ..

... bjoern
Jul 08 2010