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digitalmars.D - Brief review of the samples in D distribution package


I reviewed the samples bundled with dmd after the post written by Brad. 
But it seems there's not much about the language in there. So actually 
samples should be done from scratch.

Almost all files are how-tos about Windows programing or how-tos about 
compiling C code in D.

I am under a big impression of the QT samples. But this a really huge 
work only for samples sake and for now I think it's better to have 
examples in the library documentation.

P.S. I can come out with an idea for the killer app written in D. I 
would clone funtionallity of Redmine  (according to ohloh it only 50k 
LOC 12k LOC in JavaScript) expanded with ability to make qute project 
design documentation (still I can't find good software for it).

Jun 13 2010