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digitalmars.D - Boosting D evolution


We often had discussions about D versus this or that lang which 
is better evoled, because of more libs or more awareness in the 
www. Important drivers are technology like rails for ruby and 
organisations like Google for Go.

I asked today about strategies of the D foundation, which is also 
a key for D's success. Another key driver is money (no, I'm not a 
bank ;-) or awards for great solutions.

I miss a kind of donation system in the D ecosystem. Let's say, 
Facebook build a great solution with a combination of vibe.d, 
dcollections and botan. On one side they are earning the money on 
the other side, they are interested in financing these projects 
and the language. (Sure , if the want to continue with their 
project) A donation or something similar through a D Foundation 
(the cental collector) will be great.

Does this makes sense?

Regrads, Ozan
Apr 23 2016