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digitalmars.D - Beeflang another "better that C++" language with interesting ideas

I just find today this language, Beef. And I find that have some 
details that are very interesting : 
And I would say, that in some points, have similar ideas to D. 
For example, have 'defer' that works like our scope(exit). Or 
have something similar to template mixings.

In particular, how handles using new with allocators, makes very 
easy and straightforward to use.

String AllocCustomString(int len)
     return new:customAllocator String(len);

Compared to D, it lacks from the compile time runtime power that 
have D. And I don't see that it have templates like D or C++. 
Only generics.

I hope that some ideas form this language, could inspire D to be 
a better language that is today.
May 27