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digitalmars.D - Add more feature categories to Wiki/Editors


Some plugins/editors can do even more than these few feature 
categories listed there. Adding them there might help users 
decide between editors because of some feature they really like.

I thought of 2 additional categories so far: Debugging and 

Also maybe we should drop `Syntax highlighting` because every 
plugin or text editor for D will have some kind of syntax 
highlighting for it.

Additionally the features could be written from top to bottom 
(rotated 90 degrees) so more categories can fit in there for the 
future, otherwise they might become a space problem on small 

Also imo we should merge Text Editors & IDEs because there are 
powerful text editor plugins which can do more than some editors 
on the IDEs page and it would make everything less confusing.

Any feedback on this and maybe some additional categories you are 
Jun 29 2016