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digitalmars.D - About DMD intrinsics?

I'm in the (very) eary stages of using the dmdfe (ddmd, actualy) to make a 
"D to Haxe" converter (which would mean "D to PHP/Flash/Neko/C++"), and I 
figure I'll need to have an compiler-intrinsic function (or functions) to 
access Haxe directly. I'm not familiar with how dmd does intrinsics, and I 
could stumble around the source working it out, but maybe someone could 
provide some pointers? (No pun intended)

For instance, is there somewhere I need to tell the semantics phases "this 
ident is an intrinsic function, so don't flag an 'undefined identifier' 
error when it's used"? Beyond that, is all I need to do just check if a 
function name is one of my intrinsics while I'm navigating the AST and react 
accordingly? Anything else to be aware of?
Sep 24 2010