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digitalmars.D - A suggestion for the shared library implementation on Linux

This is my first post in this forum. So hopefully it is the right 
place for this topic.

Recently I saw this link http://dlang.org/dll-linux.html about 
writing shared library on Linux. The annoying part has become 
portability issues. Because my programme is linking to 
libphoos.so, target platform is asking for many different 

When I look at the examples in that link, one thing is obvious 
that we mostly use C, C++, and D together. But the thing is that 
only D language has its own garbage-collector which is as far as 
I understand the source of the problem.

If a C or C++ programme wants to use a D-shared-library, well, 
only D is going to be using the garbage-collector.

If a D programme wants to use a D-shared-library, we want both 
sides to use the same garbage-collector to prevent problems.

Since the main programme is changing only, and the library is 
written in D language all the time, my suggestion is to add a 
function into library on runtime to tell the library to use a 
given garbage collector instance. Because C and C++ don't have 
that, library will continue using its own.

P.S. I do not have knowledge about internals of 
garbage-collector, this is just an idea.
Feb 03 2014